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malith ramanayakemalith ramanayake
05:11 07 Mar 24
Love the flyer design! It's exactly what I was looking for. Clean, professional, and grabs attention. Thanks for your excellent work!
Chandil DimalshaChandil Dimalsha
07:01 05 Mar 24
mage FB post eka lassanata karala dunna kiyapu widiyatama. baya nathuwa eken wadak kara ganna. service eka patta.Superb❤️🔥
thushan amarasinghethushan amarasinghe
06:30 05 Mar 24
The flyer design exceeded my expectations! It's visually appealing and effectively conveys our message. I'm impressed with the creativity and professionalism. Thank you for a job well done!
Yasindu JayasingheYasindu Jayasinghe
05:43 05 Mar 24
Great job on the flyer design! It's eye-catching and effectively communicates our message. I appreciate the attention to detail and quick turnaround. Keep up the good work!
js_loader is always on time with the orders and everything I ask for they makes sure its exactly what I want how I like it. Also she communicates through the full process and also offers great prices, quality and moreQ
Samara de silva
I highly recommend! I will continue doing business! They are the best! Everything was completed quickly even the few edits I had I’m very impressed!
Thank you!
MPR Eng pvt ltd
Brilliant work on my flyer, very good communication, excellent designer, very understanding of my needs, very patient with my changes did everything I needed. I will definitely be working with again!!
Salon Apsara

Our Mission

At, our mission is to revolutionize the graphic design industry in Sri Lanka by providing high-quality flyer design services at the lowest rates possible. By leveraging our efficient operations and minimal overhead costs, we aim to eliminate the need for Sri Lankan clients to seek graphic design services from foreign freelancing platforms. Our mission is not only to save valuable foreign currency for our clients but also to contribute to the growth of the Sri Lankan economy. With a focus on exceptional customer service and friendly support, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations while providing job opportunities to talented Sri Lankan designers.

Our Vision

Our vision at is to become the go-to platform for flyer design services in Sri Lanka, recognized for our affordability, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We envision a future where every Sri Lankan business, organization, or individual can access professional flyer designs without breaking the bank. By empowering local designers and fostering a collaborative community, we aspire to create a vibrant ecosystem that fuels creativity, innovation, and economic growth across Sri Lanka. With our dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach, we aim to set new standards in the graphic design industry while positively impacting the lives of our clients and designers alike.

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What is a flyer?

A flyer is a type of printed promotional material, typically in the form of a single page or a small leaflet. It is commonly used to advertise events, products, services, or campaigns. Flyers are distributed to a wide audience, often in public places like streets, bulletin boards, or handed out directly to people. They usually contain a combination of text, images, and graphics designed to grab attention and convey information concisely.

Flyers can vary in size, ranging from small handouts to larger formats like letter-sized or tabloid-sized sheets. They are often printed in color to make them visually appealing and eye-catching. The content of a flyer typically includes the event or product name, date, time, venue, key details or features, contact information, and sometimes special offers or discounts.

Flyers are a cost-effective marketing tool and can be produced relatively quickly, making them a popular choice for promoting local events, businesses, or initiatives. With the rise of digital technology, flyers are also created and distributed online as digital flyers or e-flyers, which can be shared via email or social media platforms.

What are the categories of flyer?

Flyers can be categorized based on various factors, Based on Purpose, Format and Layout,  Target Audience, Distribution Channel

  1. Purpose:
    • Event Promotion: Flyers designed to promote specific events such as concerts, parties, conferences, or fundraisers.
    • Product or Service Promotion: Flyers created to advertise and market a particular product, service, or special offer.
    • Informational: Flyers used to provide essential information about a business, organization, or cause.
  2. Format and Layout:
    • Posters: Larger-sized flyers meant for wall display to capture attention in public spaces.
    • Brochures: Folded flyers with multiple panels or pages to present detailed information.
    • Social Media Flyers: Optimized for sharing on social media platforms with specific dimensions and engaging visuals.
    • Double-Sided Flyers: Flyers with content printed on both sides of the paper for additional space and information.
    • Bi-Fold Flyers: Flyers created by folding a single sheet of paper in half, resulting in four panels.
    • Tri-Fold Flyers: Flyers created by folding a single sheet of paper into three sections, resulting in six panels.
  3. Target Audience:
    • Children or Family-Oriented: Flyers designed to appeal to kids or families for events, activities, or services.
    • Corporate or Professional: Flyers targeting a professional audience for business-related events or services.
    • Youth or Student-Focused: Flyers designed to engage young adults or students for parties, social events, or educational programs.
  4. Distribution Channel:
    • Print Flyers: Flyers intended for physical distribution, such as handing out directly or posting on bulletin boards.
    • Digital Flyers: Flyers created for online distribution through email, websites, social media, or digital advertising.

These categorizations help define the purpose, design approach, target audience, and distribution method of the flyers, making it easier to create effective and targeted promotional materials.

Most common categories

single sided flyer

Single-Sided Flyers

These flyers have content printed on only one side of the paper. They are simple and straightforward, often used for quick promotions or when there is limited information to convey.

double sided flyer mockup

Double-Sided Flyers

These flyers have content printed on both sides of the paper. They provide more space for information and can accommodate additional visuals, text, or contact details. Double-sided flyers are commonly used when there is a need for more content or when different messages need to be conveyed on each side.

Bi-Fold Flyers

Bi-fold flyers are created by folding a single sheet of paper in half, resulting in four panels (front cover, back cover, and two inner panels). They offer a compact and organized way to present information. Bi-fold flyers are commonly used for brochures, menus, event programs, or detailed product/service descriptions.

Tri-Fold Flyers

Tri-fold flyers are created by folding a single sheet of paper into three equal sections, resulting in six panels (three on the front and three on the back). They provide more space for content and allow for a sequential presentation of information. Tri-fold flyers are commonly used for brochures, travel guides, menus, or detailed promotional materials.

sample reference

Multi-Page Booklet Flyers

These flyers consist of multiple sheets or pages bound together, similar to a small booklet or catalog. They are ideal for comprehensive information, such as product catalogs, event programs, or detailed company profiles.

Business card

Promote your business with single or double sided business card . Easy to share with your clients .

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